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Lagniappe — Hiking the Inca Trail — June 10, 2019

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So what happens when your awesome podcast producer goes on his very own thru-hike?? You realize that you forgot to release May's Lagniappe podcast!!!! So, with my apologies for the you have it!!
Have you ever dreamed of hiking the Inca Trail? Does the very name conjure up daydreams of condors flying and ancient pathways winding through mysterious ruins? In this podcast, I will share some tales of my own Inca Trail hike and answer the most common questions that people ask. I hope that when you are done listening, you will be ready to fly off to Peru yourself.
Tips for Conquering Machu Picchu- A great article full of tips and tricks for hiking the Inca Trail
Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail- everything you want to know
Your Perfect Day at Machu Picchu- A guide for those just visiting for the day
Active South America- Peruvian Tours for active-types
Inca Trail Do’s and Don’ts- A fantastic article full of helpful stuff

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