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Trail Dames policy for Dog-Friendly hikes

Trail Dames has a policy that dogs are allowed on our hikes if the hike description is posted on Meetup as dog-friendly. The decision to allow dogs on hikes is left to the discretion of the hike leader. Each event posted on Meetup will specifically say if dogs are allowed on the hike.

If you choose to bring a dog on a dog-friendly hike:

  1. The dog must be leashed and the owner is to hold the leash at all times.
  2. The leash must be less than 6 feet in length, and cannot be a flexi-leash.
  3. You agree to clean up after your pet.

Trail Dames actively practices Leave No Trace (LNT) on all of our hikes. The following are guidelines from the LNT website.


  1. Appreciate the natural and cultural resources of the park.
  2. Keep your pet from digging in any area of the park or historic site, and out of any buildings.
  3. Enjoy your pet's company but remember that not everyone is comfortable around them. Keep your pet leashed and under control.
  4. Enjoy water recreation but remember, the water isn’t a bathtub for your pet.
  5. Keep them away from swimming areas and beaches.
  6. Respect the natural habitat of wildlife by keeping your pet at a safe distance.
  7. Enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors.
  8. Keep pet noise to a minimum for the benefit of other visitors.

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