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Dames in the North Carolina area have two chapters to choose from!!! We suggest you join them both and take advantage of all of the fun activities the Dames have to offer!

Teresa Cleland
Head Dame
North Carolina Chapter

"My name is Teresa Cleland. I'm an empty nester of two grown boys! I was a member of the Virginia Trail Dames until I moved to North Carolina. My first hike with the VA Trail Dames - I went for the hike, and stayed for the people. The dames and adventures left an enduring mark on my heart and spirit. I want to create a fellowship of hikers, fostering a love of the outdoors, and to build a 'family of hikers'. I am not a super hiker; I'm slow and steady."
Come take a hike with me! Discover the great outdoors - and yourself.


To join the North Carolina Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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