Michiana Michiana - Elkhart

Trisha A. Metz
Head Dame
Michiana Chapter

Hi ladies, my name is Trisha A. Metz and I want to welcome you to the world of hiking!
My passion for hiking started as it does with many people, by chance. I grew up in Alaska and spent many days and nights in the woods, mountains, on the oceans and rivers, playing in waterfalls and walking the fjords. Never did I imagine a world without the wonders of nature. Then my family moved to South Bend, Indiana. Corn field after cornfield is all I could see at that time. Years later, on a 68 degree day in November, over Thanksgiving break, I got an idea to go for a very long walk with my husky, have a picnic by the lake at Notre Dame, and then walk back. We walked five miles out that day and then five miles back. We walked three miles every day after that. Then a friend introduced me to St. Patrick’s Park and I was hooked on hiking in the woods. I bought a pass and we walked there as often as possible. When I visited Colorado, Wyoming, and Tennessee, I hiked. Then one day someone asked me about being a hiker and it occurred to me for the first time that I was, in fact, a hiker. I had never thought of myself that way before; I just love walking in the beauty of nature. When my dog died I lost my hiking partner and slowed down. It wasn’t the same anymore. Then along came Trail Dames of Kalamazoo, which I found while on a job in Battle Creek. Trail Dames seemed like a great way to get out on a trail, meet some wonderful ladies, and have a bit of a social life while I was moving around every six months. It was a lifesaver and gave me the boost I needed to get back on the trails.
After I left my job and moved back home the first thing I said I wanted to do was start a Trail Dames chapter in Michiana so more women could have a great nature experience too. All it takes is a little spark, a little faith, and a few steps. Please join us to find out if you, too, are a hiker!

To join the Michiana Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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