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Ruth Williams
Head Dame
Ohio Chapter

Hello and welcome to the Ohio Trail Dames chapter! My name is Ruth (Ruthie J), and I’m passionate about exploring the world. Hitting the trail always brings me joy. When I finish a hike I want to feel like I was really engaged with the activities on the trail – my goal is not the number of miles I logged but the points of joy I experienced. I hope to help others experience the outdoors, at a pace that is right for them. So don’t ‘wonder if you could handle this hike’ come out and wander with us and we will make sure that no hiker is left behind or feels like they have to kill themselves to ‘keep up’.

I was born in Viborg South Dakota and I’ve lived around the country from Alaska to Ohio and from Oklahoma to points north. I have hiked since I was a child growing up in Alaska. Most recently I spent my weekends hiking around the Alleghany National Forest in PA. I hiked a section of the AP for a few days – I never knew my toe nails could hurt.
I learned about the Trail Dames in the summer of 2019 and when I found out that Ohio didn’t have a chapter – I could not wait to sign up for the role. The ‘no hiker left behind’ philosophy really caught my eye.
We will have at least one hike a month with additional hikes scheduled based on the interest of our members. I’m open to other activities as well – kayaking, stand-up paddle board, wine tour, camping – if you have other things you would like to try please reach out me. I am located in the Cleveland area but I am hoping that we can coordinate our efforts and host hikes throughout the state and in western PA. If you are interested in being a Hike Leader it will expand our chapter’s ability to support others enjoy the outdoors.
I have been seeking and hope that I can provide you all with a safe and welcoming group were we can all tackle the challenges we face and learn more about ourselves and our potential. Bring your trekking poles (or a sturdy walking stick), your camera, and your sense of adventure - but leave your worries about not being ‘enough’ behind.
Remember what my dad always told me: “An adventure is never an adventure when it is happening to you – only when you look back on what you achieved do you capture a sense of how exciting life is.”

Ruth Williams

To join the Ohio Trail Dames Meetup, click here.

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