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Kim Weiler
Head Dame
Georgia Chapter

Hello Dames! My name is Kim Weiler but my hiking friends know me as Tough Cookie. I am not native to Georgia but have proudly called it my home for 7 years. My life has taken some interesting turns in the last few years and in 2019 I challenged myself to meet some new people and try some new things. This is how I found Trail Dames, and it's been a life changing experience. I almost didn't get out of the car at my first event. I had myself convinced that they were going to look at me and laugh me out of the room. When I finally found my nerve, this group welcomed me and supported me and made me feel like there was nothing outside my reach. Since that first meeting I've become a Lifetime Dame, hiked all over Georgia, learned to kayak , rediscovered the joy of camping, and even become a Hike Leader. I've met some of the most amazing and interesting women as a Dame and I look forward to every adventure we have together. As a Head Dame my goal is to help provide a safe, fun, and welcoming place to enjoy the outdoors together. Hope you will come join us!

Anna Huthmaker
Co-Head Dame
Georgia Chapter

My name is Anna but my friends all call me Mud Butt. I started Trail Dames in 2007 because I never saw women out on the trail that looked like me. Now days, we are EVERYWHERE!! We are all over the country and have a Charitable Foundation, a podcast, a Summit and more! We also have a blast hiking here in Georgia. Please come hit the trails with us.....I promise you a warm welcome and a ton of support. See you soon!!!

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