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Episode 10
Laura Donovan
January 8, 2019

When asked about herself, Laura Donovan says “two things run in my blood–hiking and teaching.” Several years ago, after moving up to New York, Laura found herself teaching music in the schools during the week and traversing the hiking trails of the Adirondacks during her weekends.
For years, she had done lots and...
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Episode 9
2018 Ten Gift Ideas
December 22, 2018

1. A membership to an organization that is truly meaningful and helpful to the Trails. ATC, AHS, Florida Trail Association, your local trail association ($45 and up)

2. Judy Gross new Under Shorts ($30)
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Episode 8
Regina Reiter
November 13, 2018

Regina Reiter is an incredible woman who shows us all what it is like to take an unhappy event and use it to completely change her life. Through the loss of a job, Regina found herself at somewhat of a crossroads in her life. She had heard of the Appalachian Trail, and this tiny little seed of an idea began to take...
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Episode 7
Judy Gross
October 9, 2018

Judy Gross, aka Lightheart, spent her whole life in the outdoors, hiking and enjoying the trail. She raised a couple of Eagle Scouts, putting in trail miles right alongside them, and throughout her adulthood, while she became a nurse and simultaneously studied sewing and design, she was hitting the trails.
In 2009,...
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Episode 6
Christine Gautreaux
September 11, 2018

Christine Gautreaux is a hiker, mother, author, artist and life coach. She centers her work around both art and the outdoors and has a special passion for helping what she calls 'the helper.'
Whether you are a caregiver, therapist, social worker, author or healer, Christine has made it her life's work to help make...
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Episode 5
Karen Rutter
August 24, 2018

Karen Lord Rutter is a woman of many, many talents!! She is a retired teacher and administrator with a career littered with awards and accolades. With a self-professed love of all things learning, it is no surprise that she has traveled the world and experienced everything she possibly could! However, it was her son...
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Episode 4
May 29, 2018

Summer did not grow up fact, it was pretty near the top of things she 'would just rather not do!' The mosquitoes and cold of Minnesota, combined with her speed and discomfort kept her off the trails and safely ensconced in the world of writing and photography. However, one day she moved to Portland and...
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Episode 3
Sue Williams
May 11, 2018

When Sue Williams got into backpacking, she noticed that there was very little aimed at the over-50s hiker and even less at the female over-50s hiker. She decided to do something about it and, with her husband John, started The site is aimed at encouraging Baby Boomers that there is plenty to do out of...
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Episode 2
Bunny Kramer
April 16, 2018

Today's guest has made a name for herself for not only loving the trail and the outdoors but for creating connections between women so that they can find and share that same love.
Bunny Kramer has spent years in online communities helping women learn about the logistics of hiking. If you need to know what clothes to...
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Episode 1
Carla Robertson
March 20, 2018

Welcome to the new Trail Dames Podcast. The aim of the podcast is to inspire women to get out into nature and to realize that there are many like-minded, suportive women just like them.
I'm Anna Huthmaker, the founder of Trail Dames. In 2003, I hiked over 700 miles on the Appalachian Trail and discovered that...
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